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Successful businesses hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to lay out the financial goals of the business.  The CFO is responsible to ensure those goals are accomplished by implementing a strategy, and the procedures to meet those goals.  While some of the goals may be different, wealthy individuals and families have many of the same objectives as a business but often do not take the same business-oriented approach to meet those objectives.

At Orion Accounting we love to serve. 


You will find that we provide a level of expertise and attention to your personal financial affairs that you expect from your professional providers.

We understand that with your wealth comes increased responsibilities and demands.  Managing your private assets and personal financial affairs is a complex task that requires expert attention.

Orion Accounting is available to serve you as your personal CFO.  We understand the strictest need for confidentialty of your information and the tremendous amount of trust you place in us.  We aim to excel in meeting those expectations and doing so with a caring attitude.  Some of the common areas in which we help are:

  • Financial management
  • Risk Management
  • Tax or Estate Planning
  • Routine accounting services
  • Combined financial Reports
  • Elder Care
  • Philanthropy

Every family has a different dynamic and will come with different needs.  Each solution provided by Orion Accounting will be structured and customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Your needs may fall in only one of these categories or may reach further.  By looking at a comprehensive view of the family’s financial landscape, we can help you plan to meet all of your goals including succession planning, risk management or strategic philanthropy while maintaining family cohesion.

Contact us today and we can work out a solution for you.  We will use the same financial tools and doctrines you used to create your wealth to support you in meeting your personal financial goals.  With Orion Accounting serving you as your personal CFO and simplifying your financial affairs, you can spend more time enjoying your wealth and those things that matter most.


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